Presence Sensor

Presence Sensor


  • Motion sensor
  • Compatible with solar-powered street or wall lamps, solar-powered outdoor spotlight
  • Autonomous and economical: no electrical connection required
  • Warranty and after sales service in France


Presence detector: comfort and security

This device equipped with an outdoor motion sensor activates the lighting when a person passes through a given detection zone, and the lighting is turned off a few times after the person passes. It works in the dark thanks to an automatic control by infrared volumetric detector incorporated.

The presence detector ensures your safety when you return home at night, whether you are climbing stairs or parking your car, it allows you to see fully.

Durable and autonomous, the ChicLED solar lights and the presence detector allow an optimal comfort by avoiding the use of switches.


Incomparable energy savings

Thanks to the motion sensor, the lighting is only turned on when you want it and for a short time. The duration of the lighting is adjustable according to your wishes. This way you can save even more energy. For optimal installation and operation, pay attention to the location of the presence detector.

It is advisable not to place them next to trees or shrubs, as they can cause the lighting to be switched on unexpectedly.

The presence detector also allows to reduce light pollution, strongly present in the city centers, because the lights are on less time contrary to an automatic night lighting.

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