Solar power has been in vogue in recent years for a simple reason: it helps to keep up with rising electricity costs while reducing dependence on the local grid.

Do you want to light your pool, garden, garage or any other area around your property? Then our solar street light may be the most effective solution for you.


When it gets dark, a light is always reassuring. It makes you feel safe and allows you to return home safely. In addition to the safety aspect, our solar street lamp also allows you to enjoy your garden or pool in the evening, whenever you feel like it.

Our stand-alone Rio streetlight features photovoltaic panels that capture solar energy for free during the day. In the evening, it provides up to 12 hours of light thanks to its powerful built-in batteries.

This healthy light is completely free and you don't have to worry about your electricity bills! You get adequate lighting with a power of 60W even in case of a power cut.

Faced with increasing energy needs and rising electricity prices, a great movement of awareness around free energy is developing.

Our solar street light is one of these more environmentally friendly options by reducing energy requirements. By using this light, you save money while using free energy that is available all year round.


In recent years, there has been a trend towards higher energy prices. And with energy needs on the rise, rates are not likely to decrease over time.

A great way to protect yourself from an increase and save money on your energy bills is to use our stand-alone street lamp. You won't have to worry about sudden price increases, such as when there are restrictions between countries supplying this energy, for example.

Diversifying your energy sources is the best option for balancing your energy costs in the long term and avoiding any form of budget stress.


Floor lamps often have a functional aspect, and very few manufacturers make an effort on the design of these lights. At Chic Led, we like to combine the useful with the pleasant, and we have taken great care in the details to offer an aesthetic light that brings an elegant touch to your exterior.

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