Our solar LED floodlight combines practicality and economy. You can use this innovative and environmentally friendly light for all your street lighting projects.

This eco-friendly and powerful 20cm outdoor spotlight illuminates your billboards and areas where access to the power grid is difficult, with ease.

You can take advantage of the power of its LEDs (5W) without having to plug in any connections. You can take advantage of the power of its LEDs (5W) without having to connect any connections. You will free up a lot of space around the area to be illuminated while keeping a minimalist and modern look.


Spotlights and other lighting fixtures using solar technology are intended to replace fossil-fuelled spotlights. Our solar spotlight is completely self-sufficient in energy and its power supply is not dependent on the electricity grid.

You can therefore expect significant energy savings by using one or more of our spotlights for your outdoor public lighting.

If you own a business or a restaurant, you can take advantage of free solar energy to light up the front of your establishment in the evening, without having to pay extra on your electricity bill.

Our solar-powered outdoor spotlight is your best ally when it comes to illuminating your billboards or public lighting in your establishment.

This spotlight comes with a remote control that allows you to set the desired lighting time.

This feature is most appreciated by retailers and private individuals, as it allows them to comply with local lighting regulations. Our outdoor spotlight is therefore ideal if you wish to benefit from the power of advertising lighting during the hours permitted by your local authority.

Our solar-powered outdoor spotlight is a forward-looking lighting solution.

By using this light, you save money on your electricity bills and help the environment at the same time.

You won't need anything but our beloved sun to recharge this outdoor spotlight. This means that you are no longer dependent on the local electricity grid and can light up as required in a 100% environmentally friendly way.


While many spotlights require expertise to install, our spotlight can be placed anywhere you like in a matter of moments. You don't need any special skills to install it and all the necessary hardware is included in your order.


Very few lights are able to combine the useful with the pleasant while remaining economic. And our solar powered outdoor spotlight perfectly fulfils these expectations while allowing you to sublimate your outdoor decoration.

Do you have a terrace or an area that you would like to highlight? Then our solar spotlight with its modern, minimalist design can give you that extra elegant touch. This simple detail in your lighting can completely change the way your establishment is perceived.

And if you need to draw attention to an outdoor billboard, our spotlight does it in style!

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